I Screwed Up

My highest streak in BTS is 2 for this season so far. I screwed up big time yesterday. Originally had Miggy but switched him out for Orlando Cabrera. Miggy did get a hit and Orlando Cabrera didn’t. Big screw up but it’s only the first week of the season so there is a long way to go. Overall I am 10 for 34 or a .294 average. Let’s get to it.

Picks Of The Day Recap

Alex Rios– 2 for 4- I said he wouldn’t do much as he wasn’t hitting as good during the day as he was last year but he did come through.
Troy Tulowitzki– 2 for 3- Tulo is getting hot right now. I’m going to start considering him now. He is heating up at the right time.
Marco Scutaro– 2 for 2- The Red Sox had 4 hits as a team and Scutaro had 2 of them. Talk about luck.
Hanley Ramirez– 2 for 5- Hanley looks like he is also heating up. He got 2 hits and I didn’t think he would come through but he did. 
Overall the Picks Of The Day went 8 for 14 so they had a good day overall. Good job for all that picked one of these 4.
Potential Picks Recap

Miguel Cabrera– 1 for 2- He was my original pick up until 11 AM yesterday. I switched him out based on his numbers in Camden Yards and it was a mistake. At least it’s only the first full week.
Jack Hannahan– DNP- Hannahan was starting every game but he got a rest since it was a day game after a night game. At least he wasn’t picked.
Potential Picks Record For April 7th: 1-0-1
Overall Record For Potential Picks: 10-9-2
Sleeper Pick Recap

Edgar Renteria– 3 for 3- He was a very strong pick that I considered. I almost switched from Miggy to him and I paid for it. He started and got 3 hits against Myers who he kills. I won’t be making that mistake again.
Sleeper Pick Record For April 7th: 1-0
Overall Record For Sleepers: 3-3-1
Pick To Avoid Recap

Alex Rodriguez– 0 for 3- I called it on the nose. I said he wouldn’t do anything and he didn’t. I call this a win.
Pick To Avoid Record For April 7th: 1-0
Overall Record For Picks To Avoid: 3-5 

My Pick Recap

Orlando Cabrera– 0 for 3- If Cleveland didn’t get anybody on base in the 8th inning he would of never had to sacrifice. I had 4 shots at it and he failed. That was my mistake and it won’t happen again. I like taking risks but this one failed.
My Pick Record For April 7th: 0-1
Overall Record For My Picks: 5-3 

I screwed up yesterday. I should of went with Renteria but I don’t mind starting again tonight.
Picks Of The Day For April 8th According To MLB

Carlos Gonzalez– Car Go is a very good pick tonight. He has 4 hits in 9 ABs against Ohlendorf for a .444 average. Not too many ABs but I would pick him if I wanted to. Car Go is also a very good candidate as he has 19 hits in 65 ABs in his career against Pittsburgh, 10 hits in 22 ABs in Pittsburgh. He isn’t hitting that good at night but I like him since he did get 1 hit yesterday and has been hitting the ball well so far this season. Ohlendorf on the other hand has given up 22 hits to the Rockies in his career so far. Ohlendorf has given up 181 hits at home, 252 at night, 196 against lefties, 47 in April and 160 hits in PNC Park in the last 3 years. Car Go is an excellent pick tonight.
Alexei Ramirez– MLB loves the last name Ramirez. Fourth day in a row that a Ramirez was a Pick Of The Day. This time it’s Alexei and Alexei seems like a great pick. He has 8 hits so far in the first 6 games of the season. Alexei also has 5 hits in 12 ABs against Shields for a .417 average. I expect him to get a hit tonight against Shields. Alexei also 322 hits against righties for a .270 BA, 215 hits at home for a .272 average, 307 hits for a .288 average, 36 hits for a .205 average and 23 hits for a .288 average against Tampa. He hits pretty well against Tampa overall and he did get 2 hits last night against Tampa as well. Shields has given up 4 hits so far this season for a .160 BA against. He may stop the bleeding for the Rays today. He has given up 348 hits for a .292 BA against on the road, 469 hits for a .286 BA against at night, 95 hits for a .249 BA against in April, 337 hits for a .278 BA against vs righties, 35 hits for a .278 BA against vs the White Sox and 10 hits for a .196 BA against in US Cellular Field over the last 3 years. Ramirez looks like he may struggle against Shields today or he may get a hit. We will see.
Jorge Posada– Jorge gets paid this year to just hit so he is more relaxed and he has 3 homers so far this season. He only has 4 hits total this year for a .182 average so he may struggle tonight. Jorge has 13 hits and is hitting .361 against Lackey in his career so far. He doesn’t shout Pick Of The Day to me. Jorge is hitting .265 with 165 hits against righties, .235 with 107 hits on the road, .271 with 96 hits during the day, .295 with 56 hits in April, .271 with 32 against Boston and .254 with 15 hits in Fenway over the last 3 years. Jorge is hitting .268 with 95 hits in Fenway in his career so he doesn’t do well in Fenway historically. Lackey has given up 10 hits so far this season so he is going to look to change that. Lackey has a BA against of .276 with 302 hits at home, .258 with 166 hits during the day, .270 with 315 hits against lefties, .307 with 35 hits in April, .258 with 39 hits against the Yankees and .270 with 139 hits in Fenway in the last 3 years. I look for Lackey to get rocked again and for the Red Sox to drop to 0-7 but Jorge won’t get a hit.
David DeJesus– David is hitting .200 so far with 4 hits to start the season. I don’t know why he is a Pick Of The Day but he hits Pavano. He is hitting .423 with 11 hits in his career against Pavano. I think that will continue today. David is also hitting .305 with 285 hits against righties, .286 with 206 hits on the road, .310 with 140 hits during the day, .274 with 58 hits in April, .355 with 43 hits against Minnesota and .280 with 7 hits in Target Field since it opened. The rest of the stats are all over the last 3 years. Pavano has given up 6 hits so far this season. Pavano also has a BA against of .287 at home with 228 hits, .260 with 149 hits during the day, .285 with 255 hits against lefties, .303 with 61 hits in April, .321 with 18 hits against Oakland and .282 with 107 hits in Target Field over the last 3 years. David seems like he will get a hit today and he might.
Potential Picks For April 8th

Ryan Howard– Ryan Howard has been ripping the ball apart in the early going. He is hitting .480 with 12 hits this season. He is hitting very well but that won’t continue and he will cool off. It has to happen. I don’t expect a good game from him today but I could be wrong. He is hitting .341 with 1
4 hits against Tim Hudson in his career. Not dominating Hudson but getting at least one hit every 3 ABs he faces against him. Ryan is also hitting .291 with 327 hits against righties, .264 with 238 hits on the road, .273 with 337 hits at night, .241 with 65 hits in April, .313 with 65 hits against Atlanta and .299 with 32 hits in Turner Field over the last 3 years. Ryan is normal on the road and I expect that to continue tonight. Hudson has given up 3 hits so far this season with a .130 BA against and that may continue tonight. Hudson has a BA against of .227 at home with 179 hits, .244 with 260 hits at night, .250 with 185 hits against lefties, .270 with 53 hits in April, .202 with 24 hits against Philadelphia and .227 with 179 hits at Turner Field over the last 3 years. Numbers favor Hudson and I think he will continue that domination against Philadelphia tonight.
Robinson Cano– Robbie hasn’t started out like he did last season. Robbie is hitting .273 with 9 hits against Lackey in his career so he scares me today. He is also hitting .308 with 387 against righties, .297 with 279 hits on the road, .302 with 197 hits during the day, .296 with 84 hits in April, .326 with 73 hits against Boston and .359 with 42 hits in Fenway over the last 3 years. Robbie more than likely will get a hit tonight but still staying away. To see Lackey’s numbers see Posada on the pick of the day.
Sleeper Pick For April 7th

JD Drew– JD Drew doesn’t have the numbers this season so far but he is facing Hughes tonight. He has 3 hits and is hitting .231 to start this season. He is hitting .429 with 6 hits against Phil Hughes. JD Drew is hitting .279 with 268 hits against righties, .275 with 172 hits at home, .263 with 89 hits during the day, .234 with 51 hits in April, .280 with 46 hits against the Yankees and .275 with 172 hits at Fenway over the last 3 years. JD Drew could pick it up today as he ropes against Hughes. Hughes has given up 5 hits with a .294 BA Against in his first start. He got hit hard against Detroit and it may happen again today. Hughes has 122 hits with a .237 BA against on the road, 72 hits with a .222 BA against during the day, 137 hits with a .251 BA against vs lefties, 42 hits with a .244 BA against in April, 38 hits with a .259 BA against against Boston and 16 hits with a .276 BA against at Fenway over the last 3 years. Hughes seems to not pitch well against Boston in Fenway and I fully expect it to continue but Yanks will win.
Picks To Avoid

Rangers As A Team– Cruz, Kinsler, Young and Hamilton. They are facing a rookie named Zach Britton and they haven’t seen him before. All 4 are red hot to start this season but against Britton they won’t do much. He beat Tampa and held them to 3 hits in his first start and he will do the same or better against the Rangers. I’m taking a shot naming 4 but we will see what happens.
My Pick

JD Drew– See above for my reasons why in my sleeper pick. I want to go Ichiro but it’s one of the unknowns with Carrasco. Yes he got hit hard by the White Sox but they saw him last year. First time the Mariners are seeing him so he may dominate them and shut Ichiro down. I want to get my streak going again.
I hope you enjoyed this one as I did hits instead of just batting averages. You can’t tell anything with Batting averages and it’s all about hits. Also I won’t be around this weekend but if I get a computer I will post my blog. If not here are my weekend picks 
Saturday April 9th

My Pick

Ian Kinsler

Sunday April 10th

My Pick as of now

Josh Hamilton– This may change since I don’t know who is starting for the O’s on Sunday yet.
Thank you very much and Nardberg has still got it going. Chose Braun yesterday and that was a great move. She is EL CALIENTE with her picks right now.


  1. 00liber

    I like the hits as opposed to avg as well. Another great read. Gl this weekend. I’m going with Miggy today and tomorrow and possibly Sunday too.

  2. baseballgirlie13

    I also really like the blog, enjoy hearing your reasoning for your picks. Pretty gutsy call saying all four rangers will go hit-less but it’s hard to argue with your logic. GL this weekend and if we don’t hear from you we’ll see you again on Monday!

  3. 00liber

    You were right! None of the Rangers are going to get any hits tonight as the game has been rained out. LOL

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